Friday, 16 March 2018


1 Regular Exercise
7 Improves ability to deliver oxygen to cells
5 Strengthens heart muscles
4 Beats Faster ,Breathe Harder
2 For extended periods of time
3 During aerobic exercise
6 Devolves endurance  

Everyday you  should Regularly Exercise outdoors it will make you fit and last for extended periods of time , during aerobic Exercise  well you do you heart beats Faster and you breathe harder while you work on a workout it also strengthens your heart muscles and Develops endurance and Improves your ability to deliver oxygen into your cells   

This is my Exercise Writing the easy thing was every thing the hard thing was nothing either so it was very easy this time BYE for now

Friday, 9 March 2018


This is my shark fact file me and my class did it last week
the point was to know a little bit about them the hard thing
was to get all the question in the right order because my teacher
kept rubbing them off the board the easy thing was actually
most of it.  My next step is to make it bigger and not just 6
question but to do 8 instead. See you guys later bye for now.

Facts into paragraphs- Sharks

In all, oceans except for the arctictartic  we're it is too cold for sharks . Sharks don't like the cold much at all  there are also 250 different species of Sharks but there is only 30 sharks that kill humans .Some of them also still look the same as they live  160 Million years ago .They are identified by their dorsal fin, two rows of teeth ,their large black eyes and their sleek shape. Sharks are almost any size from 15centemerers to 15 meters . The Shark almost eats any animal it can find in the water including its own species .It's has great eyesight in the water too and amazing smell in the water .

Friday, 2 March 2018


This is my Kawa Of Care it was made by me and my Friend Tunisia if you would like to check out her blog her address is   it is about keep food and drink away from your Chrome Book  or it wont  work any more the easy thing was making it and there was no hard thing my next step is to make it bigger and thats it for today BYE everyone

My 3rs at school ( Respect,Responsible,Resilience)

this is my 3rs  about it is with a man name Horrace that teaches kapa haka at my school and we had to do a little project about it the easy thing about it was getting the information from everyone that participated in the activity the hard thing was actually  there was no hard thing just thinking about it now my next step is to make it into a big video i hopped you liked it BYE it was made by best Friend Payton her blog adress is bye

Friday, 16 February 2018

My Pepha

This is my toku pepha i hope you enjoy

Ko ruapekapeka tōku maunga
Ko taumarere tōku awa
Ko ngatukmatawhaoruatōku waka
Kotumanako tōku marae
Ko ngati hinetōku hapu
Ngapuhi tōku iwi

Ko steven  tōku Pāpā
Ko Marissa tōku māmā
Ko pikiora and anaya tōku tuakana
Ko learah  tōku teina
Ko  tōku tuahine/tungāne ( sibling of the opposite gender)

Ko  tahlya tōku ingoa

Friday, 9 February 2018

My I am Poem

This is my i am poem today we my class room 6 and 5 did these i hope you

enjoy it . the easy thing was the writing and the hard thing was trying to think

of all the things to say my next step is make a video about it.

I Am Poem

I am Tahlya
I am helpful and kind
I wonder if  i will ever see my step dad again
I hear  my name in the wind
I see my future
I want to be a super star
I am  Tahlya

I pretend that I am batman
I feel like i have powers
I touch my family's heart
I worry about my family when they are sick
I cry about my brother passing away
I am Tahlya

I understand that the closest people to me can pass away
I say that everyone can good great in anything
I dream to see my family that passed away
I try to always be good
I hope that i have a great future
I am Tahlya

Monday, 27 November 2017

Dash the Robot

Hi its tahlya  this is my story about dash

Image result for dash the robottoday in class we had a special visit from  a robot named dash i like it because it can do really funny tricks and because it makes me laugh  at the beginning i thought it was pretty boring and dumb but it ended up making me laugh so its okay    we controlled dash by using a i pad  we pick 4 movement and he does it in my team it glitched for karisa  better luck next time see you next time everyone BYE!!!!!!!
Image result for dash the robotImage result for dashthe robot